(sometimes withershins, widershins or widderschynnes) means to take a course opposite that of the sun, going counterclock-wise, lefthandwise, or to circle an object, by always keeping it on the left. It also means "in a direction opposite to the usual," which is how I choose to take it in using it as the title of this blog. We're all in the same world finding our own way.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

National Coming Out Day 2011

While I respect the institutional and personal need for coming out that makes it an empowering experience for a lot of people, and I accept that because of this fact coming out has socio-historical significance for the majority of GLBT people, FUCK National Coming Out Day.

Come out when you're ready to. Don't let some nationalized agenda tell you that you have to come out today. Come out however works best for your situation be that to select people that matter or to the whole rainbows and glitter, campy universe.

The closet is full of more than just rainbows or childhood monsters and the door isn't always easy to open so once you're there, celebrate being out every day of your life by living out, not just today.

Think OUTside the box and challenge the normative institutions and thought systems that oppress you. OUTreach to the populations that will help you as well as those that need your help. The OUTcry of your actions will OUTdo any opposition.

This OUTburst is an exercise. Queer as in fuck you, shit gets complicated. I've been OUTraged and OUTfitted with the tools of expression to make it known:

Out requires an in.

But what about beside? What about around, encompassing? Even if I'd been in the closet, it couldn't hold me because this little nightlight is too damn bright.

Dammit if that in isn't going to be the best place to standOUT in a crowd. Twist and shOUT no need to pOUT, this is what I'm all abOUT.

Be daring and bold. Be warm and cold. Be so far OUT that the world is your closet and identity your clothes.

Am I making sense? Do these synapse connections collect inf(l)ections I don't mean?

I didn't think so.

There's a plurality OUT there. Thought you should be aware.

And if I'm flaunting a privilege, so be it. Humble me. Pride comes before a fall.

Coming out from sea to shining fucking sea.

I don't believe in out.

Only a socially constructed ideal of what it means to be gay.

Have it your way.