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Friday, August 19, 2016

Plane Tickets, Poetry and Me

Hello friends,

So as most of you hopefully know by now, I'm living on the East Coast. The summers are humid and miserable. The winters are biting and cold. Autumn is absolutely gorgeous for like two week. Spring is... nothing to write home about, I guess.

It's pretty good overall. I got a job at a dining hall within a month of moving here. I finally earned my honarary-Bagelry employee status by becoming a baker at the local equivalent a few months later. I've met some amazing people and seen some pretty cool stuff.

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Not going to lie, it was tough for a little bit there. Ethan and I spent a good three months sleeping on a slowly failing air mattress until we got our taxes done and I bought a futon.

Still haven't managed to see an Atlantic sunrise, but there's still plenty of time for that.

At the same time, I miss my BellingHome and the familiar coastal grey of the PNW. I even got a tattoo of a Douglas Fir pinecone to remind me of my roots.

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But after a year, it's time to go home at least for a visit. I know my mom could probably use the hug.

Right now plans are to fly out sometime in the first half of January when my dining hall job is on winter break and while I'm already starting to save up what I can, I'm just going to put it out there that if anyone would like to help, you can send me money via paypal here: paypal.me/acelessthan3

I'm also starting to apply to grad schools because I still like the idea of actually doing physical therapy (gotta get them letters after my name, yo) and like that whole process is expensive.

But I refuse ask for money for nothing. So if you send me at least $2, message me a mailing address (text, Facebook, other miscellaneous social media) and I'll send you a copy of a poem. And if you send $10 or more, I'll write a poem just for you.

Again, that's paypal.me/acelessthan3 send me money and I'll send you poetry and together we'll send me back to the shadows of dormant volcanoes.

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