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Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Day 7: A writing mood

I'm inspired by words today.

Something inside of me wants to be said, so I have a document open and I'm letting the language flow free form to see what comes out. It's been a daylong process with many interruptions (like going to class), and I don't know if I want to post it, since some of the thoughts contained therein are on the private side, I'll definitely say though that I'm satisfied with the way this is turning out.

Poetry and the language of poetry are somethings I enjoy greatly. It's the same way an computer engineer can have fun tinkering with programming or a mechanic can spend hours working on an engine, I do that with words.

Synonyms are not always synonymous and often have vastly different connotations in actual meaning. Sick, ill, weak, unwell, they all throw different lights on the idea of not being healthy. I like playing with these in poetry, changing the meaning to manipulate my reader. It's a subtle mind game, the connection between author and reader and one that's not always conscious. I'm trying to make it conscious on my end.

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djahren said...

This... (ironically enough) puts me at a loss of words. The way you wrote about writing was profound almost and really awe inspiring.

I want to go write now. Yes, I shall go consume food, then write.
(Woot for inspiration from amazing people! ;) )